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I don't want this world to change me


It's sunny out and the bears are fluffy.  Just how fluffy remains to be seen.

I was born in Lambeth, but have never lived there.  After four years I stopped living in Dulwich (in South London), too, and subsequently stopped living in Chislehurst (also in South London and still the residence of my parents), or at least officially I did.  Four years after that I left Cambridge University and settled, like a pint of bad Guinness, two and a half miles away.  For a year, I shared a flat with my brother and our pet spider plants; I spent a further year in Fulham before rehabilitating my tape recorders and splitting for Uxbridge, where I now dabble in Matters Man Was Not Ordained To Understand using a sliderule.

I am the bassist of The Long Slide.

I am also known as andrewwyldgonzo.

I am almost all of Fake Teak.

Important notice

Regarding the Comment, "You have too much Time on your Hands"

Being a frequent Recipient of this Comment, I am not disposed to take kindly to those who use it.  Those who use it unwittingly will be referred to this Notice.  Those who have been warned will be subjected to a Tirade of Invective.  Nothing remains to be said on this Subject.

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